About journal

International scientific analytical journal “Public governance and public service” (hereinafter - Journal) is a periodical scientific edition of the proprietor RSTC “The Academy of Public Administration under the President of Republic of Kazakhstan” (hereinafter – Academy)

The Journal has a state license:

certificate of registration number #16411-Zh dated from 24 March, 2017, issued by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan; date and number of primary Journal staging registration number Zh-2848 of 25 April 2002 .; subscription index in "Kazpost" 74207; disseminated on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, EU, ​​USA and the CIS; electronic versions of Journals  are available in the electronic library of JSC "NC STI." Language of Journal: Kazakh, Russian and English.

Frequency of publication – once a quarter, i.e. 4 times a year

Topics (categories) of the Journal include the following main areas:

- "Public administration and public service";

- "State policy";

- "Economic Reforms";

- "Justice and Legal Reform";

- "International Relations";

- "Social Policy";

- "Human Resource Management and Personnel Policy";

- "The image of a civil servant";

- "The study of foreign experience";

- "Regional experience";

- "Research of Young Scientists";

- "Innovative projects and breakthroughs."

Themes are regularly updated and changed based on the Concept of development of the Academy, the Plan for the Academy to implement the Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050" and a strategic vision for their implementation by the editorial board.

International scientific-analytical journal "Public administration and public service" is included in the list of scientific publications, recommended for publication of the main results of dissertations in Political Science (Order of the Committee for Control of Education and Science of RK number 1033 of 5 July 2013).